My name is Simon Regnerus, and I recently turned 52, years old. I am a native Frisian, and I have always lived in Friesland.  Friesland is a province located in the north of the Netherlands. No matter how beautiful it is in other parts of the world, Friesland will always be my home! I am married to Jeanet, and I have two fantastic sons and a lovely daughter-in-law.

 A few years ago, my life was temporarily on hold due to a burnout. Unfortunately, I could no longer carry out my daily work as a Pastor. The advice I received at the time was, "Simon, go and do the things that you enjoy most in life!".  What gives me the greatest pleasure are my favourite hobbies, and these are motorbikes and travelling. When I work on the mechanics of a motorcycle, my thoughts come to rest, and when I ride, I have that deep feeling of 'freedom' that every motorcyclist experiences. At these moments, it feels as though nothing can stop you, and no destination on this earth is beyond one's reach.