Welcome to my website!

I am the type of person who has a strong desire to explore unfamiliar roads and discover new destinations.  Apart from my love for adventure, my other passion is my motorcycle. I enjoy touring alone or with close friends. I also revel in the unknown and sometimes the hilarious and unexpected situations that happen along the way.  These occasions all add to the rich tapestry of life.


On this website, I have documented a history of my various tours and adventures, which leaves an impression of the type of person that I am. On my website, you can also see an overview of my motorcycles.  I have motorcycles for sale, and I also offer a variety of spare parts for sale.  Additionally, I have access to a variety of spare parts that may typically be difficult to source.


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I welcome you and hope that you enjoy the content of my website. It is always wonderful to share the passion for motorcycles with other like-minded enthusiasts!